Priefert Products are engineered and manufactured in Mt. Pleasant, Texas for over 50 years.  Our line posts are manufactured from Prime Steel and have been engineered to withstand high winds and extreme weather conditions as well as mechanical harvesting demands.  Our line posts have a new design — they are stronger than other industry standard posts and are designed to last for years to come.  We have also added a new feature: a tapered slot that allows the trellis wire to enter the slot easier.  All Priefert Manufactured products are proudly displayed with our name and phone number.

Our vineyard line posts are manufactured in hot rolled/bare steel and also galvanized G90 to last twice as long as lesser coated products that the industry provides and are offered in the following gauges: 12, 13 and 14 gauge.  We inventory standard 8 foot lengths and can produce any order with short lead times to meet your needs.  Also we can schedule deliveries to large and small growers in North America.  This makes it easy to order and coordinate delivery to your location, whether it’s less than a truckload or full truckload flatbed delivery.  We can meet your needs.

Manufactured Stronger to Last Longer

Proudly Made in USA and Distributed Through Tru Trellis

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Standard is 200 piece bundle.


Gage Standards:

ASTM 1011 Hot Rolled – Bare Steel

     12GA:   .0966 MIN / .1126 MAX GAGE RANGE
     13GA:   .0827 MIN / .0967 MAX GAGE RANGE
     14GA:    0677 MIN / .0817 MAX GAGE RANGE

ASTM A653 Galvanized G90 Coated Gage Standards

     12GA:   .0994 MIN / .1174 MAX GAGE RANGE
     13GA:    .0854 MIN / .1014 MAX GAGE RANGE
     14GA:    .0705 MIN / .0865 MAX GAGE RANGE